Self -Love: Kristyna Cochran

What is Self-Love ? Why is it important? How do you cultivate it? According to Merriam Webster, Self-Love is appreciation of one's own worth or value.  Without love for oneself, how can another love thyself?  Developing Self-Love begins with understanding and knowing who you are. Knowing who you are begins with a relationship with God, the Most High. Without a firm relationship with the Most High, you are faced with a lack of self. God says so much great things about you.  God says , you are strong , Philipians. 4:13. You are amazing , Psalm. 139:14. You are capable, Mark. 20:27. You are chosen 1. Thesselonians 1:4. You are never alone, Matthew 28:25. You are always loved , Romans 8:39. You are beautiful , Ecclesiastes 3:11. You are victorious , Romans 8:37. You are enough, 2 Corinthians. 12:9.  Once you have a relationship with God, and come to know who you are, loving your self becomes a little more easy. Here are four steps that I have learned that help develop self-love.  1

Do You Remember?

 Do you remember your first period? I remember when I had my first period. I was twelve, actually closer to thirteen. It was in September, my birthday is in October. I wasn't feeling well at my grandmother's funeral, and when we got home, I notified my mother that something was different. I knew what to do because she we discussed the inevitable frequently.  I got sick, I mean real sick. I was sick to the point that everything on my body ached especially my lower abdomen and back. I had diarrhea where I ran to the bathroom frequently, headaches, hot and cold flashes, and most of all I vomited to the point where it was just bile coming up. Not to mention a week/two weeks before I started my period, I would experience PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome). My mood swings were/are sometimes dangerous.  I remember dreading my period coming up because of how it made me feel; still to this day I usually have the same feeling. My period warranted me the option of staying home from school on the

Poem A Day: Hunger For More

Poem A Day: Hunger for More; I wrote this when I was obviously hungry. I wrote it around 2004.        HUNGER FOR MORE         My stomach is grumbling, Like a storm thundering, I need to get to the kitchen, And cook up some chicken, Some green beans, With some macaroni and cheese, Baked beans well seasoned, I smell my next-door neighbor cooking, And they teasing, I need to unleash the inner-chef in me, And make some chicken noodles with peas, I don’t like black-eyed peas, Because I be thinking they looking at me, I feeling kind of Italian, So, I’m going to get me some lasagna and spaghetti, Some bread sticks on the side, Can’t forget dessert, a slice of pie, I’m a tenth French that’s why I eat fries, Put a little mashed potatoes on my plate, And I’m straight, Add some cabbage, and I’m so gay, I want to eat like it’s Thanksgiving Day, With some turkey and ham on my plate, Give me all five of the food groups, I’m nutritious,

Poem A Day: From Chapel to Hearse

Poem A Day: From Chapel to Hearse; This poem was written circa 2004-2005. I remember reading it to someone in high school and they responded with, "I was deep." Not the first and definitely not the last time I was told that. I enjoy reading my poetry that I wrote years ago. It helps me remind me of emotions I felt during that time. It also reminds me of how far I have came as a writer/poet.  From Chapel to Hearse   I admire your features, Think of me at your own leisure, I'm measuring you, Asking how long is a meter, Hop in my two-seater, Take a ride with me, Don't take this relationship lightly, I think of you highly, I want to be with you nightly, I got a fetish for your body, Looking at you arouses me, I'm anticipating you being my spouse to be, Come lay with me, stay with me, Hold me, take hold of me, Make the most of me, Everything about you is intriguing, Without you, there is no meaning, Your heart is in good keeping,

Poem of the Day: Will Tomorrow Ever Come

Poem A Day: Will Tomorrow Ever Come By: Kristyna Cochran written circa early 2000's.  WILL TOMORROW EVER COME Today I woke up with cold in my eyes, Washed it out, and had pink eye, I thought will tomorrow ever come, Went to the doctor, he gave me eye drops, He said I still had to go to school, My heart stopped, I thought will tomorrow ever come, They started talking about me, I punched everyone that said something bad about me, I thought will tomorrow ever come, I got suspended from school for three days, I got home and thought I could play, Mama picked me up and acted all nice; gave me a kiss, She got all the plates and bowls out the cabinet, And I had to wash every dish, I thought will tomorrow ever come, While I was sneaking out to play basketball, I broke my ankle, I came back in, and momma gave me a whooping I couldn’t handle, I thought will tomorrow ever come, I went to sleep with bruises on my back, I thought will tomorrow ever com

Poem A Day: Deep Thought

Deep Thought  By: Kristyna Cochran  Blank page. I stare. I type, no, no, no, backspace, It was just there, Where? In my mind, PAUSE One moment as I try to find, That word, that word that fit together perfectly, With that word and that word. Argggh, I don’t have it, It was good while it lasted.

Poem A Day: Here You are Lord

Poem of the Day 7/16 Here you are Lord By: Kristyna Cochran  Here you are Lord,  My problems, my issues,  I give to you,  My worries have dissolved into relief,  I have faith now, no more disbelief,  My tears have transformed from pain into relief, I have tried it on my own and found it won't do,  Overwhelmed by the deepest concept of reality,  So, I look to you,  As much as I want to know the why's and who's,  More important just help me get through,  I have circled around, trying to find some answers,  Back to you I found myself,  How could I have strayed?  Never-mind the questions, just show me the way,  To my knees I fall, now I shall pray.